Other Projects

I-One is the founder and  the part of the following projects


Welcome to the world of vibrations and harmony 🙂

SHIVANAM started the journey 15 years ago. The group has performed on many festivals, parties and events (Boom Festival 2014, Seedcamp Festival 2014, Transylvania Calling 2012, Transcarphatia Gathering 2013 …)

„Rituals from different parts of the world, combined with electronic music, modern rhythm, with live
improvisation and sounds from nature, live effects compiled as a musical story.

The performance is accompanied with visual show, it is a combination of world music with modern rhythms from the whole world – unique atmosphere, spiced with world-beats.


● Ivan Jasek (voice, guitar, sampler, tabla, live effects, singing bowls, shamanic and frame drums, mouth harp and more)

● Edgar Mojdl (flute, pipes, shenai, keys, live effects, Ghatam, congo, tarabuka, sampler and more)
● Ladislav Siska (Cajon, Darbuka, Djembe, Duff, Shamanic drum, rattles)

● special guest: Rhys Braddock from New Zealand (guitar, vocal)





Shivatrance Project

Shivatrance Project has been founded in 2002.

It is a fusion of shamanic music and electronic trance, chill-out and ambient sounds.

Uplifting atmosphere with astral vibrations in trance and psy-trance, inspired by world music.