I-One (Ivan Jasek; ambient, ethnic, chill-out, psybient, psytrance)

I-One has over 25 years of experience working with sounds. I – One is a music composer, DJ,  singer, music producer, professional musician and instrument player.
His live set’s are composed of colourful spectrum of sounds, harmonies, beats and mixes. The music creates a unique atmosphere and takes you in the inner and outer space.
I-One plays his own music (composing songs in Ableton, recording sounds of nature, using samplers, effects, live instruments and vocals, tibetian bowls, beatbox-ing and many more..).
He is playing sometimes carefully selected tracks from other producers.
His music is a fusion of modern electronic music and traditional/ethnic music.
Inspiration is coming from shamanic traditions and rituals, music-therapy, all kinds of rhythms, voice, electronic samples, effects, ethnic music, overtone singing, recordings from nature and intuition.

Circle – Austria 2010, 2012
Sziget Fesztival – Hungary 2011
Hague – 2011
Global Chill-Out Festival – Czech Republic 2008-2014
Vibe Festival – 2012
Cosmig Frog  – Czech Republic 2012
Transylvania Calling – Romania 2012
Funny Moon Festival – Czech Republic 2009 – 2012
HafenGrunn Festival – Germany 2013
TransCarpathia Gathering – Ukraine 2013
Seedcamp Gathering – Austria 2014
Boom Festival  – with the Shivanam project 2014
Bassinfection – Brno, Czech Republic 2014


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