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…on a planet far away, a seed has sprouted.
The Earth breathed life into a Blossom.

Dear Lovers of Ambient music and sounds of nature.
You are holding a flower from the gardens of Czech
Republic – Flowerfull.
From the absolute silence of the Universe, petals,
like the wings of a butterfly, came together to form
a radial flower. Each of the petals carries a story
within, a story recorded in the infinity.

Sit for a while, and dive into the stories of melodies,
sound of the wind, the bubbling water, the cricketts and the

Flowerfull is a fusion of self recordings from nature, combined
with electronic music and acoustic
instruments and voices which progessively bring us
back to a meditative state.

The expressive waves in the music and
on the edge of the frequencies perceived by
human ear is a calling to the ancient depths of the Universe.
A whole mosaic of sound forms composes a perfect

For relaxation, meditation and love.

Listen the album here for free!