New album release – Flowerfull

…on a planet far, far away, a seed has sprouted.
The Earth breathed life into a Blossom.
Dear Lovers of Ambient music and sounds of nature,
You are holding a flower from gardens of Czech
country – Flowerfull.
From the absolute silence of the Universe, petals,
like the wings of a butterfly, came together to form
a radiant flower. Each of these petals carries a story
within, a story recorded in the infinity.
Sit for a while, and dive to the stories of melodies,
noise of the wind, bubbling water, crickets and the
setting sun. Connection of own recordings of nature
with electronic music, topped with acoustical
instruments and voices that gradually bring us
back to the meditative state. Expressive waves,
sometimes on the edge of the frequencies heard by
human ear, call to the ancient depths of the Universe.
A whole mosaic of sound forms composes a perfect

For relaxation, meditation and love.

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